As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I just finished closing on a portfolio of properties in Akron, Ohio. As a matter of follow-up I go online to the County Records site and have a look at the tax records for the parcels we just purchased to see if they were registered correctly, and you'll never guess what I found. Yes, you guess it, a mistake! Was that too dramatic?

It was nothing major, just the mailing address for one of the properties was still listed as the previous owner. No big deal, and it will be a simple fix for the title company. Then the tax bill arrives in the mail for a property we didn't buy! I figured 'Cool!, freebie!", but on further inspection it was still registered in the real owners name; just the mailing address had been updated with my address. Oops! Must have caught the County Clerk heading out for smoke break after getting half of one record entered and completing the other. The current owner will be sad to know that I won't be paying their outstanding $1000 tax bill. The title company can fix that one too. :)

Back to the subject of today's blog, what the heck is with some people? I had an eviction move-out on Oct 15th and the court approved movers showed up with the Bailiff to evict the tenant. Pretty normal situation, but what happened next has got me pretty fired up. Have a watch of this video on YouTube and you'll see what I mean.

It starts off pretty slow, but gets worse the further along you go. Needless to say these bozos are no longer permitted on any of my properties, and my property managers are also banning them. What's with some people that they think this type of behavior is OK?

If you think that's good, wait until my next blog entry. I have to wait until a certain property is sold and I no longer have to deal with a particular City ever again, but I won my lawsuit against the City and once I tell my story, I believe you'll agree with me that what's going on in the Building Department is not all above board.

So until next time. happy investing!


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