After a couple of years finding great investments for the students of some of the top real estate seminar companies, Investor Mentor Group is teaching Canadians how to break into the lucrative commercial real estate market in the USA.

Unlike a lot of the other real estate training organizations out there, IMG is actually in the market on a daily basis, finding, acquiring, and managing multi-family investment properties for and with their students. Their students/investors are also at the training sessions to answer questions and offer advice. It's not a bunch of professional seminar people trying to teach you something they may or may not be actively doing themselves. They are focusing on multi-family and other commercial investments, and not single family homes, so the focus is quite different from their competitors.

The first event is mid-March in Montreal, so if you're in the neighborhood check out the free preview events and find out what it's all about. There will be several active student investors at the previews as well as the following training session 2 weeks later. Previews are also scheduled for Toronto and Vancouver, with others in Calgary and Edmonton after that. Prepare for information overload!



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