Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're as excited about the coming year as I am. We have so much good stuff in the pipeline for this year that I'm almost afraid of it all happening! Even if only 25% of it works out it will still be a banner year.

I tend to spend way to much time on my computer, for a number of reasons, and during one of my resource searches I stumbled on a great real estate investor's forum that's been around since 2004. The forum owner and his sidekicks have done a great job at keeping the sleazeballs and marketers off the forum, and attracted a lot of good, knowledgeable people who re all there to share their knowledge and experience with anyone who cares to listen.

The following paragraphs are right off their 'About Us' page and kind of summarizes a lot of what they're about:

"Unlike most other real estate investing and "educational" real estate websites, we do not promote "gurus" in an effort just to gain affiliate sales. Our purpose is to help educate our members directly on our site. Through our forums, articles, member blogs, and BiggerPockets Blog, users can get an education that they'd spend thousands of dollars for elsewhere. We believe that there should be an alternative to high-priced, and often outdated guru materials, and BiggerPockets is designed to fill that void.

Our site is here for the consumer. We are not fans of the sleazy sales pitch and that shows if you take a look at our forums and other areas of the site! We kick out spammers and leeches and focus on providing our members with a safe learning, networking, and marketing experience free from pressure and solicitation."

Works for me! I have spent way to much time on the site over the last few days, but it's been worth it. So go ahead and check out BiggerPockets and see what all the fuss is about! You'll see me lurking around there I'm sure.



01/06/2013 21:10

Thank you so much for recommending BiggerPockets to your readers, Marc. I appreciate that you've taken the time to do so. See you back on BP!

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