Every professional has his or her tools of the trade, and property investing is no different. I perform a quick analysis of prospective properties twice; once when I get a listing, and a second time when I get an approximate rehab cost and firmer P&L numbers. If it makes it to the next stage based on the initial analysis, I do a thorough analysis once I've done a walk through of the building and personally evaluated it.

SPOTR is a great little mobile app that I use to perform quick commercial property analysis, and it lets me decide quickly whether or not a deal is worth pursuing. I also use the features of the Unlimited version for more complex analysis. It's available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Check it out at thespotr.com.

There's a free version, and an Unlimited version. The free version is great for a quick analysis. The Unlimited version is good for a more detailed analysis and generating 'what-if' scenarios, and sending reports out to clients.



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