I can't believe it's almost time for the kids to go back to school. What happened to this summer? I found out today that many of the kids in Ohio are already back at school. Seems like they got short-changed on the summer vacation to me. Speaking of back to school; if you want to stay on top of your game it's really important to keep learning all the time. Things are always changing and they can leave you at a disadvantage if you're not keeping up. I subscribe to several different newsletters from some pretty smart people who are always trying to figure out the best way to do business and make money in real estate. Some of the stuff they come up with is impressive, and I plan on implementing a lot of what I'm learning as my real estate business grows. What are you doing to keep yourself moving forward and on top of your game?

Last month I mentioned the 44 unit complex we finalized a deal on. We closed on it a couple of days ago and now we're actively into the rehab stage. We also have had our offer on a 22 unit accepted so we're now applying for financing on the project. This building is fully rehabbed and 100% occupied, so it will be a good test case to see if we can secure purchase financing.

I also mentioned that it seemed that deals keep falling from the sky every time I come here, and this trip hasn't disappointed. I was just handed a portfolio of properties owned by one investor who is looking to liquidate. He's looking to retire and none of the properties is currently listed, so we've been given the first shot at all of them. If you were waiting for a time to get on our mailing list to be the first to find out about new opportunities, I can't think of a better time than now.

I hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer. Remember to keep learning, and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you.


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